Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

But... [coinfarts]

It's October bitch [gothqueenbee]

I'm never not the Nicole Kidman that peed on Zac Efron [mynameisdriftwood]

That's a great question [mensrightsactivia]

Goodbye sweet friend [weirdwideweb]

If playing Kanye on electric violin in your Anne Rice lace in the contemporary section of Saks ain't a fuckin mood, nothing is [mensrightsactivia]

Nice [champagnemanagement]

legendary [gothqueenbee]

SMDH [mensrightsactivia]

save me cool boi [shitmemesforshitteens]

Literally the one good thing about 2017 [blacktwittercomedy]

The production value my god! mensrightsactivia]

I mean... what a post [swarnpert]

Belly rings and anklets are coming back in 2017 so help me god [gothqueenbee]

mortal kombat [kontrollsysteme]

Dameka Williams changed history [mensrightsactivia]

Dad? [dadchelorpad]

I would love to know the chain of events that led to this thrilling climax [dadchelorpad]

Had to do it to em [mensrightsactivia]

i would like to tuch it [mensrightsactivia]

Have a great week everybody!

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