Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

They might really have something here [tastefullyoffensive]

Chilling [no-chill-at-all]

BIG MOOD [c-lar-k]

Can't wait to have kids [creatureguy4u]

If you watch one video of a cute lil weird lil frog today, make it this one [dadchelorpad]

so effing hot []

Pour it up pour it up [baerials]

Tea [memegirlclub]

Cindy... [dadchelorpad]

Somebody put a lot of thought into this [anon]

Don't blow this [creatureguy4u]

It's a paradise and it's a war zone [gay-meme-team]

Why would they remake this? []

Somewhere deep into season 3 of Gossip Girl [creatureguy4u]

Me vs. edibles []

Have a great day sweetie [tastefullyoffensive]

Have a great week, everybody!