Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

But she looks like a million bucks! [earlboykins]

Don't you dare judge me [nochillatall]

That sticky icky [shitmemesforshitteens]

My four moods [nochillatall]

This cat has a special bib for eating corn and I can't get a text back [weirdwideweb]

Worst Cooks in America is why I still have a television [mensrightsactivia]

Look what you made me do [mensrightsactivia]

Deceased [blacktwittercomedy]

There's gotta be a better way [mensrightsactivia]

When you bring up the patriarchy [nochillatall]

Mood [weirdwideweb]

: ) [anon]

Let her help! [mensrightsactivia]

This is what I see when I get sleep paralysis [mensrightsactivia]

Just keep scrolling, she wouldn't want you to see her like this [fuckyeah1990s]

It's better this way [nochillatall]

Lightning round:




Have a great week everybody!