Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

DON'T YOU LET HER DOWN [creatureguy4u]

It happened to me [champagnemanagement]

Ryan just said what we were all thinking [mensrightsactivia]

Chaotic neutral [americanbotftkanye]

And who is she? [champagnemanagement]

No comment [mensrightsactivia]

Why is this baby roasting me so hard? [mensrightsactivia]

These are important skills! [nuqge]

BRO FOOD [nuqge]

Dave is triggered [iamzoie]

"It would probably be easier to just show you my lyrics" [mensrightsactivia]

10/10 would salute [mensrightsactivia]

We did our best [nuqge]

Nothing can make me like Trump and nothing can make me dislike 'Despacito' so this is an interesting sensation.

Colonel's gotta go [mensrightsactivia]

This meme took over the internet this week:






I'm gonna get the best sleep of my life tonight [mensrightsactivia]

DON'T BE RUDE [mensrightsactivia]

: ) [honeyandtar]

Have a great week everybody!