Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

I'd like an order of loaded potato skins and side of... your... sweet love? [mens-rights-activia]

SO RUDE [nochillatall]

If you were wondering whether Dee is still out here feeding deer that have seen some shit and giving them all-white Yeezys, rest assured - HE IS. Follow this young man and protect him at all costs! [coldgamekelv]

*eyes turn completely black* "You're doing amazing sweetie" [mens-rights-activia]

Time to post a selfie [mynameisdriftwood]

Oh, six minutes of Beyoncé's best dance breakdowns? Yes. Absolutely. [kontrollsysteme]

Never seen a better deal on brid buckets [mens-rights-activia]

Excuse me... miss? [goth_aunt]

We are the hedgehog and the croissant bed is late capitalism [tastefullyoffensive]

M'lord [mens-rights-activia]

I bought my son a dog [trican]

But what if I already believe a dog can read my mind? [weirdwideweb]

This is a lot [hagsneverchange]

Chaotic neutral af [contentzone]

WAKE THE HELL UP LAZY [dadchelorpad]

Drag him [lefthandmemes]

... [weirdwideweb]

How do I go about buying the film rights to this tweet [kalesalad]

CHICOS TECNOS YOU GUYS!!!!!! Choose your fighter! [champagnemanagement]

Have a great week, everybody!