Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

clever girl [tastefullyoffensive]

I want to believe [borkborkborkf]

This moved me deeply [mycringe]

Turn into a laptop forever [contentzone]

cool [contentzone]

fuck me up [rentsduethursday]

some people just want to watch the world burn [champagnemanagement]

Smash cut to my top five most devastating faux pas [divacup420]

Childhood is getting really complicated [kalesalad]

May we make ourselves worthy of his blessings [tastefullyoffensive]

Expect it when you least expect it [mensrightsactivia]

get ready [mensrightsactivia]

me @ senate republicans [anon]

Sorry I'm a little groggy today, I stayed up late bingeing season 3 of Frasier and channeling Beezlebub [satanictemplelosangeles]

ok wow [kalesalad]

I'd like to buy 100 shares of Reba McEntire's social media presence [divacup420]

Sit with this for a minute [mensrightsactivia]