Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

The discourse [aw1998monsters]

Ok, so dogs are walking on their hind legs now and we'll just have to deal [sandmonkey454]

My beauties [gothaunt]

They took a lot of liberties in the movie [gothaunt]

We hate her [gothaunt]

It's progress in its way [nochillatall]

so pissed [honeyandtar]

It's just basic parenting [weirdwideweb]

Is this gif even possible? If so, how? [champagnemanagement]

Every day we stray further from god's light [champagnemanagement]

Rude [kittersdoingthings]

Imagine [nochillatall]

For real?! [gothqueenbee]

When a kickstarter for male rompers emerged on the internet, Twitter really stepped up [thagoodthings]

True intimacy [grapejuiceboys]

Brutal [divacup420]

If Russia controls Washington now at the very least we should get access to their seal army [sonny5ideup]

Tell me more [honeyandtar]

For those of you that need to cram for your Twin Peaks viewing party tonight [skeetshoot]

What a wonderful world[nochillatall]