Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

Extreme Galileo [mensrightsactivia]

On a related note...


Wait, I have another one...

Love it when ya kiss me baybaaayyy [goldnosering]

my ride or die [felgieri]

Carry me (and I can't stress this enough) in a bucket [dlisted]

Fascinating [dronevariations]

Hi, I'm Cereal Dove. Do you like the Shins? [barbieprivilege]

Sliding Doors (1998) [nochillatall]

I'm shook [mensrightsactivia]

Girls just wanna have fun [mensrightsactivia]

SLEEP, PIG [skeetshoot]

I have some follow-up questions. [mensrightsactivia]

Wear it. [mensrightsactivia]

THE look [mensrightsactivia]

Truth bomb. [mensrightsactivia]

... [betterlearn]

Where's cash me ousside? . [mensrightsactivia]