Sophie Turner Had a Live-in Therapist During Eating Disorder Struggle

Sophie Turner Had a Live-in Therapist During Eating Disorder Struggle

Sophie Turner revealed that she once had a live-in therapist to help her with her eating disorder.

In a new interview for Elle, the June cover star said she was "quite sick" for a "long time," to the point where she hired a "companion" to stay at her home, in order to "ensure I wasn’t doing anything unhealthy with my eating habits.”

According to Turner, a lot of her body image issues stemmed from social media, which she described as having a "love-hate relationship with" due to how triggering and anxiety inducing it can be. And this is especially true when she receives harmful and hurtful messages from trolls, as she recalled one when she was "playing over and over in my mind a comment I’d seen on Instagram."

“I was like, ‘I’m so fat, I’m so undesirable,’" she said, "And spinning out.”

However, her companion was able to intervene and interrupt her negative thought cycle by reminding her by saying, “’You know, no one actually cares. I know you think this, but nobody else is thinking it. You’re not that important.”’

Turner added, “That was the best thing anyone could have told me.”

Even so, social media still has the ability to make her "incredibly anxious," leading her to take a few hiatuses from Instagram by deleting the app off her phone, which she said has "been so helpful" for her mental health.

“Now, if I do have to go on it, it’s for a few minutes once or twice a week, rather than hours every day. It’s made such a difference," Turner continued, before adding that she also has weekly therapy sessions and will "occasionally" attend a retreat to recalibrate.

“I still have days when I feel depressed or anxious,” she said. “It’s manageable now — I have the tools. I know what’s good for me and what’s not good for me. I know what I have to do to get myself in a good headspace.”

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