Kate McKinnon Stars as Momo on 'SNL'

Kate McKinnon Stars as Momo on 'SNL'

In case you didn't see, Saturday Night Live did its obligatory Momo skit this weekend, and it was fantastic, thanks to Kate McKinnon.

McKinnon plays Momo, who is masquerading as a chicken named Bok Bok, the mascot of a fast food restaurant where she uses chicken to lure children into her clutches so she can can steal their souls.

McKinnon does Momo proud (a queer icon playing a queer icon!). She captures death in her huge eyes, her bangs are impossibly wispy, her lips, lipless, her voice superbly creepy as she caresses children's faces with chicken tenders and pops up in the backseat of a family going through the drive-through. Who else but McKinnon could have captured the mesmerizing horror of Momo?

On top of McKinnon's tour de force performance, the concept is *chefs kiss,* merging two of modern parent's biggest boogiemen: fast food and soul-sucking Internet demons.

Enjoy and keep in mind that while fast food is actually bad for kids, Momo is just a young woman trying to live her best life.

Photo via YouTube