How MS Has Affected Selma Blair’s Beauty Routine

How MS Has Affected Selma Blair’s Beauty Routine

Ever since revealing her multiple sclerosis diagnosis on Instagram last October, Selma Blair has used her celebrity platform to raise awareness for the disease. She's done so in an especially approachable way — posting candid social media stories, appearing on Good Morning America, and posing with a chic bejeweled cane at Vanity Fair's Oscars party.

Now she has revealed that a loss of motor skills has affected even her everyday makeup application. In a series of lighthearted videos on her Instagram Story, Blair explained that friends have started noticing that her application is less precise than it used to be.

"My fine motor skills aren't like, fine at this moment so I just want to say I'm gonna probably give a makeup tutorial never," she said. "But if I do then you know I'm just really trying to have fun cause I notice I put my makeup on in the morning and all day people are rubbing my face — friends — and I say whatcha doin'? And they're like, 'Just a little makeup.' And then my manager just said maybe I better not do this."

Blair then posted a joke beauty tutorial on her grid, in which she uses a giant Kabuki brush to apply bronzer. She called the big brush "my solution to applying makeup with a lack of fine motor skills."

Kris Jenner, who Blair depicted in season one of American Crime Story, immediately jumped into the comments with a message of support, as did a number of other famous friends. We think she looks great — here's to more beauty tutorials depicting disabled experiences.

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