SASH Pays Homage to His Roots in New Single 'ROSSI'

SASH Pays Homage to His Roots in New Single 'ROSSI'

by Peyton Gatewood

Emerging artist SASH is back at it again. After releasing an acclaimed debut album Bittersweet at the end of 2022, he had no time to waste. Today he’s bringing us the new single "ROSSI" accompanied by a futuristic music video.

"'ROSSI' is a story about feeling like Valentino Rossi riding through New York City as if it’s a MotoGP course," SASH explains.

The first thing you'll notice about "ROSSI" is its infectious beat that convinces even the stiffest listener to sway their head. Its vibrant hip-hop production is coupled with smoky, low-key vocals. Paired together, the contrast creates a fast-paced, electric sound, channeling the feeling of riding your motorcycle through the city that never sleeps. The singer's "delicately hard" attitude is dual-natured, singing to his refusal to change himself with integrity while still embodying the 100 emoji. After all, "Don’t you cross me" does rhyme with Rossi.

The music video follows SASH, equipped with a red and white motorcycle jacket and helmet, as he cruises through New York City, dodging various obstacles like hitmen in white masks and a beautiful woman with a menacing dagger.

"The song feels like a midnight motorcycle ride: Whilst dark, the song has electric vibrancy to it," SASH says, adding, "The characters in the video can be taken literally but also as a symbol of all life’s challenges, emotions, and doubts, chasing you down like assassins, while you go down the race track that is life."

The video was shot in his native New York’s own Lower East Side. The bodega featured in it is frequented by SASH, where he fist-bumps the staff on many occasions. As a seventh-generation New Yorker, SASH never misses an opportunity to express love for his roots. In fact, all of SASH’s music and videos are "rooted in nostalgia" as he puts it. From '70s Al Pacino films to his father's hip-hop record collection, you can find traces of inspiration in all of his art.

"ROSSI," like all of SASH’s work, is under Apex Sound, the brainchild of producers Mike Dean and Apex Martin. Dean reached out to the rising musician after hearing his work on Soundcloud. As Apex Sound's first signee, SASH isn't planning on taking a break from releasing new music any time soon, aiming to to drop six songs per quarter until he reaches one billion streams. After that? “Every two months. We're not going to slow down, you know? We’re already 30 songs in on the next project," said Mike Dean in an interview

We'll be on the lookout. Until then, watch "ROSSI" below.

Photo by Diego Andrade