Adam Sandler, Safdie Brothers Are Back at It Again

Adam Sandler, Safdie Brothers Are Back at It Again

by Hedy Phillips

Josh and Benny Safdie are collaborating with Adam Sandler again, after the three had so much success with Uncut Gems in 2019. Rumors had been swirling for quite awhile that these three were coming back together for another project, but Entertainment Weekly got the official word from Sandler himself last week that there’s a movie on the horizon.

"They're working hard on it," Sandler shared of the imminent project. "Their work ethic is bananas. They're always working, always writing, always thinking. I don't know what I can tell you, but it's gonna be very exciting. It's different. But I don't want them to ever say, 'What the hell did you tell him that for?' So I'll just let them talk [about it]."

That tidbit was all Sandler offered up about the movie, so we’ll have to let our imaginations run wild about what might be coming. But while the project might be a mystery, it’s definitely not a surprise. Not only was a reunion of these three rumored, but they’ve also spoken about it themselves since the release Uncut Gems. Sandler has frequently raved about the Safdie brothers, openly saying he hoped to work with them again.

In 2019, Sander told EW, "I love these guys, I love 'em. I mean, they're incredible filmmakers... Of course, I would die to work with them again, because it's a brand new feeling. But the funniest thing is when I would say to the Safdies, 'Your future is so bright,' they didn't want to talk about that. They were like, 'I just like Gems, man.' They just were so deep in it."

Uncut Gems was easily a highlight in Sandler’s career. Though he’s primarily played comedic roles, he was able to dive into something more gritty and dramatic for this project, earning accolades from critics and award shows alike. Knowing the Safdies can pull that kind of performance out of the actor is making us very, very excited to see what their new project is. And if it births another “Uncah Jamz” moment, a la Julia Fox, we won’t be mad about that either.

Photo via Getty/ Jamie McCarthy