Robyn Misses Us

Robyn Misses Us

The feeling is mutual.

Robyn, the ever-mysterious/brilliant pop auteur — after what has felt like forever because a day, a week, years without Robyn is a lifetime in hell; c'mon, drama — is coming back with new music, per an online announcement. And it appears that she misses us! "Missing U" is her new single, out Monday, July 30, according to the posts on her social platforms. The song sounds like heaven, from what we can hear. Preview that below.

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But while we wait, stay a while, as we're revisiting some of our all-time favorites from the lovelorn dance-pop legend, but not the most obvious choices: "Indestructible," "Love Is Free," with Maluca, "Be Mine!" and "Do It Again," with Röyksopp, all certified bops from the Goddess that stand the test of time. I don't know about you, but when Robyn's music is this good and innovative (it always is), I feel like we will wait as long as it takes. But glory hallelu, the wait is (almost) over.

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