Rihanna Tests Out Her Eyebrow Looks on Live Models

Rihanna Tests Out Her Eyebrow Looks on Live Models

Surely the best thing about being a celebrity, aside from the lucrative endorsement deals and Chateau Marmont parties, is never having to worry about someone messing up your brows. But sometimes, even though they can afford to pay the best pluckers in the business rather than take a chance on the strip mall like the rest of us, famous people still take precautions. At least according to "Hollywood eyebrow king" Damone Roberts, who was recently interviewed by Entertainment Tonightabout his A-list clients and casually explained that Rihanna sends him live models to test out new eyebrow looks before committing to them.

Roberts has always been a big fan of Ri Ri, and more so now that he's touched her face with a pair of tweezers. "Rihanna has become one of my favorite people, he told ET. "Now of course I was a fan like everyone else, but once I started working with her this year I have become a fan of her as a person because she is so fly and dope!"

He was first hired by the singer to create an eyebrow look for her most recent Pope-themed appearance as a Met Gala host. Rihanna wanted to lighten her brows for the event, but just to make sure it would look right she sent a dopplegänger model to Roberts' place to try things out first. Anna Wintour's approval was on the line, after all.

"Rihanna's so fly that she has a lookalike model come by your space and you try out different looks on the eyebrows on the model and you send pictures to Rihanna and she decides whether she wants to do it or not," Roberts said. How important is the "lookalike" thing? Because I'd gladly volunteer.

The process sounds pretty convoluted. "We trialed and tried and everything else until we got them perfect, and we sent Rihanna the pictures, and we heard nothing. And of course two days before the Met Gala she's like, 'I loved them! You gotta fly to NY and take care of me!' and do them and whatnot, and of course Rihanna shut down the show! It was really, really special."

Sounds more stressful than special, but hey! She did look good.

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