Rihanna Says 'Count Every Vote'

Rihanna Says 'Count Every Vote'

by Fred Sahai

Everyone is feeling tense while awaiting the results of the presidential election, even Rihanna. While anxiety is normal, RiRi, forever the voice of reason, is reminding Americans to be patient. (Still no album, though — we've been patient about that.)

If we look at things differently, surely the delay in results is a good thing? With record-breaking voter turnout, as well as a large amount of mail-in ballots, it's not surprising that tallying votes is taking a bit longer. And Rihanna says democracy shouldn't be rushed.

In a simple tweet, with a good amount of clapping emojis for emphasis, she said it all: "Count every vote, we'll wait."

She made her message even clearer on Instagram, in a series of six posts on the grid affirming her point. The messages were shared as Trump has been trying to push for counting to stop in key states where he holds a narrowing lead over Joe Biden.

RiRi's never shied away from sharing her political opinions, and has been notoriously outspoken about her disdain for Trump, going as far as calling him "the most mentally ill person in America."

Moral of the story: listen to Rihanna and hang tight.

Photo via BFA