Oops, she did it again. From the woman that brought you sipping-from-a-bedazzled-flask-at-an-alcohol-free-event (the Grammys), comes sneaking-alcohol-into-a-festival-where-drinks-are-extortionately-overpriced-and-you-can't-bring-your-own.

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Rihanna is nothing if not crafty, and who doesn't want their alcohol in the most stylish, practical and, most importantly, discreet container available? Enter: the hollow, bedazzled, alcohol-holding bangle — which goes for a cool $26.99 on Amazon, and comes in a range of colors.

Beautiful and iconique. Here's a closer look:

And if you're wondering how this little number fit into the full look, well...

Everything was exactly as it should've been.

Another, perfectly, alcohol-filled celebration for our queen. She deserves nothing less.

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