Rob the Rich in Richard Quinn Masks

Rob the Rich in Richard Quinn Masks

Richard Quinn loves an incognito high fashion moment. Remember when a covered-up Cardi B took to the streets of Paris Fashion Week in one of the designer's head-to-toe floral ensembles? "Make sure a car don't hit me, because a bitch can't see," she famously declared.

That same energy was carried over into Quinn's Fall 2020 show in London over the weekend, where he sent out a variety of models (including men for the first time!) in fully concealed getups that hid their faces. Among the most captivating were the opening series of bedazzled couture looks with "GOD SAVE THE QUINN" embroidered all over.

Other masked looks included a latex version with hole cutouts that appeared to reveal a covert Kendall Jenner, an S&M style with leather and spikes and a black and yellow number featuring Quinn's signature blown up florals.

The rest of the collection focused on Quinn's mastery of custom prints, which he designs in his studio. Contrasting floral patterns, explosions of feathers and bright jewel-tone gowns looked resplendent on the runway, particularly as he incorporated some of those prints for the set.

See, below, for more photos from Richard Quinn's Fall 2020 show.

Photos via Imaxtree