Revenge Wife Wrestles With Life-Changing Dreams on 'Home'

Revenge Wife Wrestles With Life-Changing Dreams on 'Home'

Former lead singer of Los Angeles band HOLYCHILD, Elizabeth Nistico is back with the latest offering from her multimedia solo project, Revenge Wife, in the form of a new single, "Home."

The third installment in a trilogy of singles following this year's "Earthquake" and "Manifest," the eerie visual for the saccharine pop tune serves as a prologue for Revenge Wife's larger conceptual narrative. Using her music as a way to grapple with heartache and formative experiences in her life, "Home" tackles feelings of uncertainty that arise from being away from the person you feel the most at ease with, as well as trying to shed those insecurities.

The video for "Home," which counters the song's upbeat atmosphere with cheery guitars and synths, sees Nistico casting a sinister light on scenes of domesticity intercut with more classic horror tropes like a midnight graveyard and a deranged looking clown adding to the overall surreal Lynchian vibes.

"['Home'] is like one of those dreams that happen that really change things for you," Nistico says. "Those types of dreams are rare for me, but I want to have them more. I really want to move into the next phase of my life where I'm content and stable and secure and not traumatized, but I'm trying to examine fear and what it means to me and how it fuels or hinders me."

Nistico continues, "These are the things I'm exploring in my life and you can see them in the vid. I put a quick shot where I pull the 8 of Wands, which is my tarot card for 2021 (and the card of swift change), so maybe I will soon feel empowered by my dreams in a way I never have."

Watch the PAPER premiere of Revenge Wife's "Home" off the forthcoming debut EP, Background Songs For Your Boring Life Part I, below.

Photography: Bones Fatale