Remi Lewis Is in Her 'BAG$'

Remi Lewis Is in Her 'BAG$'

by Kenna McCafferty

The Bling Ringmeets Spring Breakersmeets Remi Lewis: Released today, "BAG$" by Lewis is a girl boss anthem, as she closes out Women’s History Month by kicking ass and taking names (and hundreds of dollars worth of Cup Noodles from her local bodega).

The music video, inspired by Sofia Coppola’s 2013 drama The Bling Ring, follows along as Lewis and her friends go on a snack-raid of 7-Eleven, before popping champagne in their best pearls — because Lewis is a girl who can do both.

"I really wanted 'Bag$' to be a fun and playful song with a message about being independent, getting your own 'bag' and really just not putting up with any BS," she says. "I want listeners to feel empowered and embrace the baddie that you are."

The "BAG$" visual is the latest in a string of collaborations celebrating other women creators. Her last video, for "No Escape,” was directed by internet meme-queen Agusta Yr and brought to life the art and inner world of Uzumaki Cepeda for a Barbie-themed crossover.

Her newest release explores similar hyper-femme iconography in the form of "the scammer," while highlighting the work of her "longtime friend and creative collaborator," Siena Saba.

"I wanted to create a Y2K New York-inspired take on [The Bling Ring]," Lewis continues. "It was so fun because I got to work with Siena to direct the video and then have my girlfriends play my partners in crime in it. Working with as many other female creatives as possible is really important to me."

Continuing with that authentic, early aughts attitude, Lewis says she "reached out to Baby Phat, who provided the looks me and my girls are wearing in the deli scene, which was really cool too."

Whether you’re a 7-Eleven kind of girl or more Dom Pérignon, "BAG$" confirms there is a place for you in Lewis’ crew.

Photos courtesy of Remi Lewis