Rachel Sennott, Kaia Gerber to Star in 'Lesbian Fight Club'

Rachel Sennott, Kaia Gerber to Star in 'Lesbian Fight Club'

by Myka Greene

It seems I was not the only person who asked “But what if they were women?” after seeing 1999’s Fight Club. Over 20 years after the film’s release, Tyler Durden may soon meet his match in the form of gay teenage girls. Iconic. Director Emma Seligman announced that her next project, titled Bottoms, will be about two teenage girls who start a fight club at school for the purpose of winning over cheerleaders (I’m starting a petition to get Lorde’s “The Love Club” on the soundtrack).

Joining the club will be comedianRachel Sennott and model/ actress/ activist Kaia Gerber. Though Gerber is more known for covers than on-screen cameos, just recently she starred in Ryan Murphy's American Horror Stories as a maniacal queer teenage girl with a penchant for violence. We're starting to see a trend in her acting choices. As for Sennott, her breakout role in the critically acclaimed Shiva Baby brought her to several film festivals in 2020 and began her path to becoming an indie darling. Sennott is both the main character and co-writer of Bottoms alongside Seligman, mirroring to Seligman and Sennott's working relationship in Shiva Baby.

The creation of Bottoms was rooted in Sennott’s desire “to see something with really shitty female characters who are just despicable in their actions in the way that we’ve seen a lot of male characters in raunchy comedies,” while Seligman hoped to make “something for queer teen girls.” So, when discussing the project’s genesis, Seligman stated: “We met in the middle.”

With production beginning this spring, Seligman has teased that the film will contain “fun, more raunchy depictions of queer women” than we’ve seen in recent years. “We’ve gotten the conversion therapy story, the very cutesy story and others as well — I love a lot of those movies,” she stated, but wanted something more akin to teen sex comedies.

Bottoms does not have a release date yet, but girls and gays — we'll be racing to the theaters.

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