Pusha-T Was Chased by a Fox in Wyoming

Pusha-T Was Chased by a Fox in Wyoming

In addition to being half of the legendary hip-hop duo Clipse, at the heart of what will surely go down as one of the harshest beefs in rap history (see: "You are hiding a child") and the co-creator of one of Kanye West's best 7-song albums, Pusha-T sat down with GQ to share the real tea we needed about his recent frightening encounter with a fox.

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Out in the wilderness of Wyoming to record with GOOD Music (per Kanye's insistence), Pusha says he was chased by a fox while out and about in nature. The rap veteran says even as he ran away, the fox kept getting closer. No one likes to be chased by wild animals, but was he scared? Absolutely, he says. "For sure. I'm not an outdoors person."

Drake may want to keep this anecdote in mind the next time he has to go head-to-head with T.

Image via BFA