Princess Gollum Shows Off New WHOLE Collaboration

Princess Gollum Shows Off New WHOLE Collaboration

When we look back at the revival of the early-2000s aesthetic in fashion, art, music, and beyond, we should point to Princess Gollum as being ahead of the curve. Quickly labeled an it-girl, Josephine Lee has proven that she is so much more than on trend. Princess Gollum's avant-garde blend of metalcore with an alien etherealness is unique in that it hearkens back to early days spent scrolling Fall Out Boy forums and pirating a copy of Hellraiser off MegaVideo when the Internet's coming of age collided with angsty teens going through the same.

What started out initially as an editorial blossomed into a full blown collaboration with the Los Angeles brand, WHOLE. Featuring an embroidered design on black-and-white thermals, the collab leans into a DIY punk look with a polished edge. "I think Princess Gollum isn't only the it-girl, she's EVERYTHING," says Josh Scholl of WHOLE about his muse. "The girl just exudes art in all that she does and was happy to have her improve my line."

Having launched the collaboration on December 11th, at precisely 11:11 AM, the two unisex thermals will only be available to pre-order for the next six days. But that's plenty of time to pick up enough for the whole family to wear for that year-end Christmas card you always dread. Check out the lookbook, below, and head here to pre-order yours before they are gone for good.

Photography: Damian Borja
Beauty Direction: Whitney Olson