PREMIERE: Seek Solitude in Alex Ebert's Surreal "Broken Record" World

PREMIERE: Seek Solitude in Alex Ebert's Surreal "Broken Record" World

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros singer Alex Ebert is back to breaking out on his own for the first time since his 2011 debut, and exploring all the sweet sorrow of "oddball solitude" in his latest video for dreamy single "Broken Record."

Ebert tapped Run the Jewel's and Disclosure favorite RUFFMERCY to create the psychedelic video, which blends collage and animation, and sees the singer in various locations, finding pleasure in the mundane. The song tells the story of a former flame of the singer and the accompanying visual — also shot by Ebert — capturing him fully embracing his own loneliness.

"Despite my history of surrounding myself with crowds of wonderful musicians, and despite my interest in all things communal, I am more or less married to the loner-ishness of solitary work - which is the reason my romantic relationships inevitably disintegrate, just as the relationship that inspired "Broken Record" disintegrated," Ebert said of the video's inspiration.

"I think this video captures some of that oddball solitude. Those dawn-ish hours alone on the street...It's a bittersweet thing, being lonesome - emphasis on sweet, for that lonesomeness is responsible for that extra bit of handmade intimacy in art that is simply not possible otherwise."

Check out the video or head over to purchase the track here.