PREMIERE: Andrew Belle's New Video for "Down" is a Testament to Taking Chances

PREMIERE: Andrew Belle's New Video for "Down" is a Testament to Taking Chances

For those weighing up whether a major life change is worth the risk, Andrew Belle's "Down" is the your anthem.

In fact, the folk-pop dream boy has built a loyal fan base creating highly relatable music that refuses to shy away from heavier topics and "Down"s accompanying visual embodies this sentiment in every way. The video sees couple dance out in the desert, demonstrating through movement how mutually chaotic and isolating uncertainty can be – something Belle knows from experience.

"Last year my wife and I made a lot of big decisions together; we picked up and moved to the west coast - something we'd always talked about but had been afraid to do," Belle says in response to the video's inspiration. "We had our first child in the fall which was so exciting but also terrifying at the same time. So when I sat down to write this song I was thinking about how some of the most rewarding moments of my life have come through moving forward in the midst of scary, unknown circumstances."

"...when we find ourselves in those moments," he says, "the best thing we can do is take a leap and not look down."

You can pre-order Chicago-native's upcoming studio album Deep Dive – his third full-length project which has been three years in the making – here, otherwise watch the video below and consider diving into the unknown.

Image via Laura Dart and Samuel Richard.