Precious Child Abstracts Gender Identity In NSFW 'WHOLE' Video

Precious Child Abstracts Gender Identity In NSFW 'WHOLE' Video

By Tia Long

Multimedia trans artist Precious Child and transmasculine digital artist-cum-director Cade are a dream duo, with several collaborative projects now under their belt. The two teamed up again for Precious Child's new "WHOLE" music video, which is a fascinating (NSFW) exploration of body dysphoria and the abstraction of gender identity in Precious' vivid visual style.

The provocative video is just a taste of the LA-based artist's anticipated project, set for release this spring. WHOLE will expand on concepts Precious confronted in "My Little Problem (Violet Door)" and their recent visual mini-album, Just a Body. Precious Child pulls sonic inspiration from industrial, dark, mainstream pop, and metal genres.

"I think individuals should decide what they like and what they want to do with their body, accoutrements, lifestyle, and persona without regard to convention," Precious Child says of the video. "Gender accessories; the various symbols and signifiers are arbitrary."

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Cade, who previously work with Precious' on the videos, "My Little Problem (Violet Door)" and "Phantom," explores fetishes, gender deconstruction, post-Internet intimacy in "WHOLE."

"I directed 'WHOLE' at a time when I was at the cusp of reinventing my gender identity, both socially and biologically," Cade says. "We explore the controversial notion of 'borrowing women's struggle' in a scene where blood travels from my vein through a tube and into Precious' crotch, creating a simulated period. The experience itself was a ritual, as we both bled. I cannot tell you whether I expect fans to find this humorous, offensive, or absurd. I would say it is an open dialogue. I am skeptical of essentialist illusions of gender and I am interested in engaging with current conversations, like whether accepting transgender people perpetuates or deconstructs harmful gender binaries."

Check out the video, below (but maybe not at the office).

Photos Courtesy of Precious Child