Prada’s Beloved Backpacks to Be Made of Only Recycled Nylon by 2021

Prada’s Beloved Backpacks to Be Made of Only Recycled Nylon by 2021

by Jonathan Chau

Prada's nylons are a cult-classic. Introduced on the runway in the 80s, the fabric is part of the iconic brand's DNA, revisited nearly every season to create bags, jackets, and a variety of other garments. Now, to bring nylon into the modern era, Prada is looking to go green.

The luxury brand is launching the "Re-Nylon" collection, a reinvention of their signature nylon bags crafted from old plastics found in the ocean, fishing nets, and textile fiber waste. The collection will include six different styles — including the belt bag, the shoulder bag, and two backpacks.

Marked at about a 20 percent lower price point, the collection will help reduce fashion's ecological footprint while also being easier on your wallet. The company will donate a part of the revenue of the collection to a project they're collaborating on with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as well.

Prada has also announced that it will guarantee their 700,000 meters of annual nylon will be from recycled material by 2021. "It's a massive reduction of nylon and a big impact in terms of sustainability," Lorenzo Bertelli, the head of marketing and communication at Prada Group, says to Business of Fashion.

The new upcycled fabric was created using Aquafil, a synthetic fiber-producing favorite of other brands like Gucci. This also isn't the first time the brand has worked towards sustainability. Like many luxury brands, Prada announced that it would be going fur-free earlier this year.

"It's the start of an era for us," Bertelli continues. "We see a lot of demand on the market. I hope every competitor will move to more sustainable manufacturing approaches."

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