Pornhub Launches VPN Service So You Can Publicly Browse in Peace

Pornhub Launches VPN Service So You Can Publicly Browse in Peace

It's the ultimate in going incognito to satisfy your streaming desires.

This is for all you freaks out there who like to watch porn whenever, wherever, to quote a popular Shakira lyric.

Kidding, because we are helping to remove the stigma of enjoying porn however you like it, simply by writing this article! That's right: access to porn should be legal, safe, and free, and Pornhub is helping pave the way. This week, the digital porn-streaming library launched its very own VPN service with free and unlimited bandwidth. The VPN itself is designed to help users avoid geographic limitations and IP tracking. And user can also transmit data anonymously without collecting any of that data. In other words: you can now truly publicly browse incognito, in peace, on any WiFi connection, using your iPhone if you're nasty.

The VPNHUB app can be installed on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices. If you want to be sure that the VPN is actually working, you can go to a site like to check and make sure your IP address is protected from prying eyes. You'll be able to tell if it's working by whether or not your location is listed as a generic city or place, meaning your usual IP address settings have been officially swapped out. Pornhub's VP Corey Price assures that if users are still perusing on public WiFi networks, VPNs add an extra layer of security and privacy. It's the true incognito browsing experience you've always wanted.

Be careful, though: if you're someone who watches porn on the go, as in while traveling, avoid browsing in countries the U.S. doesn't typically play well with, including Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. The VPN might also be blocked in countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and China, Pornhub duly notes. The VPN is free, unless you want to install the VPNhub Premium option (similar to the website's Pornhub Premium subscription), for $12.99 a month if you like your porn fast and ad-free. Act now for a free seven-day trial of that service. And if you prefer to pay undercover, remember that the world's biggest porn site also now accepts cryptocurrency.

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