Inauguration Day has made an unlikely star out of one man: The Disinfector-in-Chief.

During the ceremony broadcast on Wednesday, all eyes were obviously on President Biden and VP Kamala Harris. But given the fact that we're still in a pandemic, the nation also couldn't help but turn their attention to the official podium disinfector's essential work in between all the speeches and performances. And needless to say, it didn't take long for the tweets about our new "American Hero" to start.

"The real star is this podium disinfector," as one person wrote. "He gets so much screen time."

"Shouts to the podium disinfector—the hardest working man on inauguration day," a second tweeted, while a few admirers argued that he should "receive the Medal of Honor" (amongst other accolades) for being "the hardest working man on inauguration day."

Meanwhile, more people wondered how they could land the coveted job, with several joking about how they were looking to apply for the position of Disinfector-in-Chiefs.

Sounds like "podium disinfector" is going to be a big hit at the next career day. Until then though, see what else people are saying about our new national hero, below.

Photo via Getty