Petticoat's 'The Middle' Breathes New Life Into '80s Pop

Petticoat's 'The Middle' Breathes New Life Into '80s Pop

Petticoat's David Halsey is giving '80s new wave a decidedly modern update on his catchy new track, "The Middle."

Simultaneously future-facing and nostalgic in its homage to new wave, "The Middle" is an electro-pop gem that fits squarely within Halsey's signature blend of '80s pop, aughts R&B and experimental club music.

Infectiously fun and free-spirited, the song combines irresistible flourishes like spacey synths and warm marimba riffs with deeply personal lyrics that elicit a feeling of suburban aimlessness.

After all, as Halsey himself explained, "the song is a simple 'break-free' type song about leaving a hometown situation." But combined with allusions to "events and places that transpired when I was 18, all based around my home with my brother and father," the end product is a euphoric homage to legends like Bananarama and Thompson Twins that still feels fresh — not to mention equal parts familiar and fantastical.

Listen to "The Middle," below.

Photography: Nas Bogado (Courtesy of Petticoat)