PAPER People: @arielleismynam3
Paper People 2020

PAPER People: @arielleismynam3

Creative direction by Agusta Yr / Styling by Erika Golcher

For most of 2020, our world has been reduced to the experiences we have on our phones. And TikTokers have been leading the charge in creating viral entertainment that keeps us scrolling for hours and hours. So this year's PAPER People shifts its focus exclusively to TikTok — the breakout app our President wanted to ban, that launched sleeper hits and massive pop careers, that ushered in an entirely new generation of influence. Meet our 20 favorites across comedy, fashion, social justice and more, who are owning their spaces and racking in millions of likes. (And follow PAPER on TikTok).

Arielle Rodin AKA @arielleismynam3 (she changes her handle frequently, so you'd better just hit follow) is one of TikTok's fiercest and funniest. A teenage trans girl just trying to advocate for some WAD, she's known for executing flawless looks, making anyone over the age of 16 feel ancient and roasting foolish white people. She's been a rising star all quarantine, and is just getting started.


Introducing 2020 PAPER Person: @arielleismynam3 💕 I am in bio to see the exclusive pics we took of all your fav TikTokers👀

♬ eyeland gyal eyeland gyal me a trinimican gyal - all men in cages 2020

What's the worst zodiac sign?

Pisces. Y'all are a mess.

Where do you want to be five years from now?

Sounds cliché, but I literally wanna be super disgustingly rich and famous.

Which TV shows are helping you survive 2020 and why?

I just finished Orange Is The New Black and now I have nothing to do... 😭

What's your most overused word or phrase?

"The way" or "Not the..."

When was the last time you cried?

Three days ago when I finished Orange Is The New Black, and one of the former ICE detainees broke her ankle in the middle of the desert and they just left her there.

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

I really wanna be invisible, that way I could steal from stores with nobody seeing me. Or teleportation, cause I'm always late to everything and I could still steal from stores.

In one word, how would you sum up the internet?


What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

I peed my pants in the middle of Manhattan while I was walking home alone in 6th grade, and I had to walk home with pee pants.

What's your next move if TikTok is banned?

Gonna lie about my age and become a bikini Fashion Nova Instagram model.

Where do you want to be when the world ends?

In Dubai with sand dunes and a bunch of rich men.

Creative direction: Agusta Yr (at No Agency New York)
Styling: Erika Golcher
Styling assistant: Macauley Deverin
Environments: Aspik Tears