The Olsen Twins Gave Out Crystals at Fashion Week, Surprising No One

The Olsen Twins Gave Out Crystals at Fashion Week, Surprising No One

There's trendy, and then there are the Olsen twins— the boho chic overlords of haute hippiedom. Mary-Kate and Ashley have come a long way from spunky kid-sister duo, now with their high-end fashion house, the Row. If you've been keeping up with their ascent, you're familiar with their babushka-leaning style — layering everything from oversized ponchos and scarves, sunglasses all-day, Birkenstocks and socks. In other words: of course they gave out healing crystals at their Fall '18 runway show.

Scones and truffles, made to look like pebbles, were served before the presentation. "Everybody's Gotta Live" by '60s rock legends Love then introduced earth tone-clad models who strutted around boulder-like Noguchi sculptures. The parting gift echoed the stone-scones from earlier; small cloth bags were given to each guest, containing either a black or white crystal and a note.

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Black tourmaline crystals were said to "repel and block negative energies" and help with "reducing fear and increasing focus." White clear quartz crystals were intended for "universal harmony" and balancing "physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes." The accompanying notes also gave new crystal-owners directions for cleaning their crystals: "cover and soak in salt water for 24 hours." May the power of crystals heal your fashion week fatigue.

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