Olivia Rodrigo Had to Run Into Her Ex at a Premiere

Olivia Rodrigo Had to Run Into Her Ex at a Premiere

by Bailey Richards

The season three premiere for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series will surely give you déjà vu. Not only did OG High School Musical actors and Disney legends Monique Coleman and Corbin Bleu — who guest-starring as himself on this season of HSMTMTS — grace the carpet together, but two other cast members had an... unexpected reunion.

(Rumored) exes Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett — who play Nini and Ricky, the show’s original Gabriella and Troy equivalents — were all smiles during their surprise reunion on the red carpet. Both clad in all-black, the actors’ reconciliation doubled as funeral for their alleged beef.

After a year and a half of very public conflict catalyzed by the January 2021 release of Rodrigo’s Grammy-winning “drivers license,” fans of HSMTMTS were ecstatic to see their faves back together. Though it was never confirmed, Bassett is widely believed to be the boy in the ballad who broke Rodrigo’s heart and as of last December, the alleged exes hadn’t spoken since the single dropped.

The reunion came on the heels of the release of emails i can’t send, the newest album from Sabrina Carpenter, who is long-rumored to be “that blonde girl who always made [Rodrigo] doubt.” The record chronicles the “drivers license” aftermath from Carpenter’s perspective through lyrics like “Now I'm a homewrecker, I'm a slut/ I got death threats filling up semi trucks ... All because I liked a boy.”

Twitter users called the sight of the pair together “the most surreal thing,” and “kinda iconic,” while others said the reunion “gagged twitter” and had the potential to break the internet. Out: using costar beef to promote a project. In: squashing costar beef to promote a project.

Rodrigo’s role in the show has been reduced this season, but there are lots of changes to help make up for — or at least distract from — her absence. This season is overflowing with nostalgia — it’s essentially a Disney Adult’s wet dream. Not only is Bleu guest starring as himself, but Jason Earles of Hannah Montana fame has also joined the cast as grumpy camp director Dewey Wood. Some Camp Rock tracks were also added to the soundtrack — a change no doubt inspired by the setting shift from East High to a summer camp — and the show the characters are putting on this season is none other than Frozen. (Jojo Siwa will also be making a cameo this season, because of course she is.)

However the season unfolds, the premiere was a night to remember.

Photo via Getty/ David Livingston/ FilmMagic