This Bedroom Pop Cover of Cher's 'Believe' Is Really Good

This Bedroom Pop Cover of Cher's 'Believe' Is Really Good

If there was a chance you didn't believe there's life after love, Norwegian-born singer, Kaya Wilkins, is here to restore your faith. Covering the classic 1998 anthem that became Cher's incredible comeback to the charts, the singer's sparse, hypnotic rendition is revisiting a late nineties question — and our answer is yes, we do.

The King Krule collaborator and Jagjaguwar signee goes by her moniker, Okay Kaya, and makes music that explores the depths of mental health, identity, and sexuality — all things that are ever-changing and impossible to define. Finding comfort in the pop created from her Greenpoint bedroom, the music unfurls with heartfelt intimacy.

After putting her spin on some other tracks like Curtis Mayfield's, "Keep On Pushin" and releasing her 2018 debut album, Both, the musician's airy synths and raw vocals are proving to be suitable to multiple styles. The Brooklyn-based singer, whose debut LP covers the gamut of human emotion, is offering her take on yet another universal conflict of moving on from love lost.

Get into Okay Kaya covering Cher's "Believe," and dare to do just that.

Photo via Instagram