We are all certainly grateful for 2 Chainz' steady roll-out of new music and we can certainly appreciate the 4/20 treat he just delivered – the visual to accompany the very sexual, mildly repetitive song "It's a Vibe" featuring Ty Dolla $ign, Jhené Aiko and of course, Trey Songz, who really manages to grind some gears (literally).

Hip hop videos usually follow the same trajectory where objectively hot, often cosmetically-enhanced, barely-dressed girls frolic in some kind of unlikely context while the artist in question willfully ignores them. This is the case for everyone in this most recent offering from Ty but Trey Songz, who must have a love interest or 17. "It's superb acting!" you cry. Except when it comes to Trey, we all know better.

While I am, admittedly, a Trey fan (more so sans the beard), him trying to get the most out of the paid-women situation just never ceases. In "It's a Vibe", 2 Chainz is blind to the girls in Asos-looking lingerie writhing around in his candlelit room, Ty doesn't notice these naked neon-painted people and even Jhené could care less when a shirtless hottie is rubbing her feet. Be cooler, Trey, I know you can do it.

Regardless, watch the video below and feel all the vibes.

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Juno Birch, Alien Superstar

Story by Trish Bendix / Photography by Lia Clay Miller