Nike Fanny Pack Slides: a Forgivable Fashion Faux Pas

Nike Fanny Pack Slides: a Forgivable Fashion Faux Pas

Nike is nothing if not innovative, and their latest release proves it tenfold.

Marrying two of their most popular products, the slide and the fanny pack, Nike has created a fanny pack slide: a sandal that secures the foot with a small zippered pouch for your tiniest and most precious belongings. The slides are part of the "Fanny pack collection," which is very fitting title.

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While Nike is yet to reveal when the shoes will drop, we do know they will come in three different colorways: pink/black, green/blue and all-black. If you're sick of lugging any personal item other than a phone, these are perfect for you — zip-up a credit card, house keys, maybe even chapstick if you're so inclined. Did someone say festival season?

Though if your feet are on the slipperier side and struggle with slides, I would avoid slotting in anything too valuable.

Photo Courtesy of Nike