Livestream This: Niia's Nightly Sound Baths

Livestream This: Niia's Nightly Sound Baths

Thanks to Ms. Rona, we're all trapped at home with nothing to do. Even Netflix is getting boring! But never fear. While they're technically out of work, our favorite entertainers are still out here bravely making virtual content in a scary new world. Going to the club or the theater is out of the question right now (self isolate! Ariana Grande says so) but here's PAPER's ongoing guide to the latest livestreams — featuring comedians, actors, musicians and more.

Who? Neo-R&B singer Niia, who recently released her sophomore album, II: La Bella Vita, is giving nightly sound baths from her home via Instagram Live. Consisting of 20-minute sessions of improvised piano playing and maybe a little singing, Niia says the sound baths aim to provide listeners a way to de-stress and resist going stir crazy under quarantine. "Music can provide a distraction for the mind, it can slow the rhythms of the body, and it can alter our mood, which in turn can influence behavior," she writes. "Let's try to listen more."

When? Every night this week at 6 PM PST on Niia's Instagram page.

Why Watch? Listen, we're all stressed right now. We're in the midst of a global pandemic with a lot of fear and uncertainty flying around, so we are sorely in need of a moment to center ourselves. What better way to do that than with a calming serenade? So crack open that bottle of Merlot you've been saving for a special occasion, turn down the lights, maybe wash your hands again, and unwind to dulcet tones of Niia tickling the ivories.

Stream Niia's II: La Bella Vita, below.

Photography: Arturo Evaristo for PAPER