NYC Brand Motorbike Wants to Bring the World Together

NYC Brand Motorbike Wants to Bring the World Together

Division is at the center of every political conversation happening right now, and New York-based creative agency Motorbike (formerly NEWTHINGS Creative) is eager to do their part to help shift this conversation. Their debut collection, presented during NYFW, was titled "The Human Experience Collection," and saw co-founders Edwin Bolta and Ricky Reyes introduce a line loaded with symbolism promoting unity.

"This project is grounded in singularity, the understanding that we are more the same than we are different, and that Earth is a single entity that we are all a part of, so respect and appreciation for one another is key," Bolta says, underlining the various embroidery (peace signs, Earth, yin and yang), and chain-stitched words like "singularity" that appear throughout.

Their updated logo, a two-headed pixelated man, even represents Bolta working with Reyes as one.

Beyond the current state of affairs under President Trump, Motorbike examined protests — both old and new — across the world, from Hong Kong to Puerto Rico and, specifically, the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution. Opening their NYFW presentation, Queens activist Mountain spray-painted a circle to symbolize Earth and dedicated his DJ set to this year's ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

Motorbike tapped footwear from Andy Martinez (@0831am), who combined Nike soles with the body of Converse High Tops in yet another iteration of "togetherness."

Bolta and Reyes not only wanted to make an important statement this season, but double down on ethical production processes to ensure their message had merit. "The Human Experience" collection features military-grade ripstop nylon that's been hand-dyed in Bolta's backyard through a three-step process so no two garments are the same. Their long coat, puffer, and vest (a signature) are all filled with recycled memory foam, and feature custom hardware. A crossbody bag is designed with RIRI zippers and stainless steel caribiner clips.

Now available to purchase online, every Motorbike piece is made-to-order in NYC to reduce waste. "It is important for us to create well-made, quality classics that are both special and functional for your everyday," Bolta says. "We want you to wear the product and not the other way around."

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