Craig Green's Powerful Moncler Collection Has Come at the Perfect Time

Craig Green's Powerful Moncler Collection Has Come at the Perfect Time

Since debuting as one of the guest collaborators for Moncler's ongoing Genius project in 2018, Craig Green has found a new vehicle to express and hone his utilitarian, industrial aesthetic. Past capsules have included everything from rain poncho-tent hybrids to space suit references, all adhering to Green's mantra of protection and functionality.

This season, the British menswear designer approached his Moncler lineup a little differently. "My previous Moncler collections have looked at creating and building different volumes and forms of protection onto the body," he tells PAPER, "whilst for this Moncler Genius 2020 collection the focus was on how the body can create different volumes and shapes, and the contrasts between 2D vs 3D."

Craig Green

The result is a series of colorful, structured pieces resembling transparent life rafts that give off the appearance of laying flat, a nod to the designer's experiment with 2D effects. (The collection was presented earlier this year during Milan Fashion Week.) For the commercial range, Green utilized micro rip-stop nylon to make technical puffer jackets, vests and hooded cardigans.

This is Green's sixth collection with Moncler, having worked with them on two seasons of their Moncler C line prior to the Genius project. He describes their ongoing collaboration as a great opportunity to build on the ideas and aesthetics that they have already started together since the beginning.

"Moncler are very free and encouraging about how you choose to approach each project and are always open to new ideas," he says of their working relationship. "I think that as a designer you have a responsibility to push things forward and try to make something new, and it is important to work with a partner you trust and isn't afraid of taking risks."

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Photos courtesy of Moncler