Learn to 'Kiss Like A Woman' with MONA

Learn to 'Kiss Like A Woman' with MONA

While most of us think of Valentine's Day as an excuse to get gifted, get cynical, get wasted, or get it on, it's important we remember the reason for the season: celebrating love — something that MONA is here to remind us about.

The Nashville-based band, headed by frontman Nick Brown, offers the indie-rock anthem we've been missing in the 2010s with "Kiss Like A Woman," and the accompanying video packs a similarly powerful sex-positive punch. Following three separate couples on their quest for requited love, the distinctly Americana visual goes from the diner, to the prom to the back of a motorcycle and privileges LGBTQ relationships. Eventually, MONA assumes their literal (and metaphorical) platform, providing the soundtrack for love.

"It is very important to us not only as musicians but just as humans to let the people in our lives especially listeners know simply that no matter what walk of life you take that you are loved and accepted and have our support," Brown explains. "With this song and video we wanted to address a playful and joyful approach to these topics. Not taking them lightly but just to remind us all that there is joy in being yourself."

Check the video out, below, and don't forget to kiss like a woman.

Artwork by Dewey Saunders