Feminist layer-lovers, Missoni is here for you. After sending down their typical trove of chevrons, slinky knit dresses, and outrageous accessories, all the models donned pink pussy hats (with an obvious Missoni spin) to walk the runway one last time.

"This is a protest collection," hairstylist Anthony Turner told Allure. "We just want to celebrate femininity, individuality, and to celebrate the woman."

Everyone who came to the show, from the guests to those behind the scenes, were given a pink pussy hat to wear in support.

At the end of the runway show, Angela Missoni came on stage with all the models behind her to address the crowd.

"There is a bond between us that will keep us strong and safe," she told the audience. "The bond that unites all those who respect human rights. Let's show the world that the fashion community is united and fearless!"

Header photo via Instagram

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