This New Technology Can Read Your Mind

This New Technology Can Read Your Mind

As a new day dawns, more technology emerges designed to make our lives easier that is, in actuality, very problematic for a number of reasons and generally terrifying. The latest, as we might have predicted, is mind-reading technology.

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Yes, you read correctly. For those of us that don't want to talk or type but want to see words of our own choosing miraculously on a page, you can literally think words while hooked up to a device consisting of four electrodes that makes contact with the skin and detects "the subtle neuromuscular signals that are triggered when a person verbalizes internally." AI can connect match signals to specific words when someone speaks inside their head and transcribe them via a computer.

According to The Guardian, the technology (created by MIT) has been coined AlterEgo and is already reporting a 92 percent success rate in its early stages — for the record, Siri-like transcription technology is roughly 95 percent. Of course the plan is one day you will be able to pop on the headset, think some stuff, and it will appear on the page.

Goodbye carpal tunnel, hello the apocalypse.

Image via Getty, Lorrie Lejeune/MIT