Miley Cyrus Celebrated International Women’s Day Harder Than You

Miley Cyrus Celebrated International Women’s Day Harder Than You

Most of us marked International Women's Day by posting pictures of our mothers or beloved female friends — maybe a historical figure or two. Miley Cyrus, as has been evidenced time and time again, is not "most of us." She gave IWD her own unique spin by celebrating two days late, mainly with a bunch of archival Getty images from 2007, featuring her and various other Disney-adjacent celebs.

It has been a puzzling joy to watch all this go down on Miley's social media channels. On her Instagram Story yesterday she posted photographs of:

  • Her and Hailey Bieber, who she once bullied ("I feel 100 [the emoji] and 100 at the same time")

  • Her and Demi Lovato wearing those fake Ray Bans that were a thing for a while ("We define a fucking era. Sorry, not sorry.")
  • Her carrying an issue of V Magazine with Selena Gomez on the cover ( "Women Supporting Women everyday motherfuckers")
  • Her and Emily Osment ("#womensday")
  • Her and Ashley Tisdale ("Happy Women's Day from Me and @ashleytisdale's hair extensions") (they're on the set of TRL)
  • Her and Katy Perry ("I kissed a WOMAN and I LOVED it")
  • Her and Emma Roberts ("LOLing at the comments saying Women's Day was over 2 days ago")
  • Her and Vanessa Hudgens (No caption, mysteriously, but it's Hannah Montana era)
  • Her, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato partying sometime in the late aughts ("This is not an edit.")

And that was just Instagram Stories. Miley also posted throwback photos on Twitter, and several old videos on her grid. Most notably this fan edit of Taylor Swift, um, topping her?

Is this feminism? No. But it is Miley Cyrus, and we appreciate her. A belated happy International Women's Day — let's hope Ray Bans never return.

Photo via Getty