When It Comes to Love, Mila Jam Is Impressed by These 5 Gestures

When It Comes to Love, Mila Jam Is Impressed by These 5 Gestures

New York pop artist/activist Mila Jam's "Eye On You" is the kind of pop song that will certainly put a spring in one's step.

From the colorful vocal melodies and bouncy synths to hearing Mila's palpable joy at being drawn to someone new, "Eye On You" is certainly a celebration in its own right. You'll want to root for Mila's newfound love. For the Omri-directed video, out today, Mila further embodies this spirit, in an array of bright, sensual scenes alongside model, activist, and singer Yves. So what does it take to catch Mila's eye and capture her heart? She shares five tips with PAPER, below.

  1. Show up!
  2. Spontaneity — let's catch that last-minute movie or meet in the park.
  3. Cook for me.
  4. Remember my favorite dessert: cookies!
  5. Prioritize our plans and create new ones if there's a need to cancel.

"It's hard dating as a transwoman," Mila says. "But overall I really dig kindness and concern for my well-being. Not being treated like a princess, but [in] respect and listening. I like a man that takes care of his body and loves to be active. It makes me melt when a man has a strong focus on his life and goals but makes time for getting to know me. Who wouldn't want that?"

The "Eye On You" song and video also come with a message that is impossible to ignore: "Stop Killing Us," a refrain often heard at protests and funerals for murdered Black trans women, who continue to suffer from state-sanctioned and intimate partner violence at alarming rates.

With "Eye On You," and with her platform, Mila, a Black trans woman herself, is using her voice to empower those that are still here to take action against these ongoing issues. In doing so, she also commemorates the fact that Black trans women deserve to love and to be loved, and have the right to live.

Follow Mila Jam on Instagram @themilajam, and Yves @the_yvesdropper.

Photography: Nico Larsson