Michelle Phan Tells Followers She Healed Man's Legs With Her Mind

Michelle Phan Tells Followers She Healed Man's Legs With Her Mind

by Anna Montagner

Beauty vlogger Michelle Phan seems to have ditched luminous foundations and brilliant eyeliners for a more, shall we say, celestial path.

The founder of Em Cosmetics recently shared with followers that she was capable of healing a man in a wheelchair, after learning how to master “brain and heart coherence.” Phan wrote on her Instagram stories that the miraculously cured person – who has yet to speak of this heavenly experience – is “not only walking now, but dancing with joy.”

The vlogger’s supposed superpowers come as a result of a $1,999 week-long retreat in San Diego with Dr Joe Dispenza, a chiropractor and international speaker, who reportedly healed himself back to walking using just the power of his mind. In 1986, Dispenza was hit by a truck while cycling in a race where he broke six vertebrae in his spine and was told he would never walk again. And yet, Dispenza refused to accept the prognosis and started imagining his spine reconstructed and himself fully cured – a thought that, in only 10 and a half weeks, blessed him with the result he was hoping for.

Phan explained on her Instagram stories that she “always resonated with Dr Joe Dispenza’s story on how he transformed himself” adding that “he reprogrammed his mind and now, walks and shares his experience on how he did it.”

But for most of Phan’s fans, who grew up learning makeup tips and tricks from her Youtube channel, the beauty queen has fallen into the trap of an out-and-out cult. The retreat, in fact, seems to follow a pretty strict and manipulative schedule.

“I’m clocking in 4 hours of sleep everyday, waking up at 3am to mediate for 5 hours straight, no breaks, not even for bathroom. Then we eat, then learn science for 2 hours, then mediate again, then break and then, mediate again,” Phan wrote. “It’s work,” she concluded.

And yet, the internet doesn’t seem to think the practices she's been subjected to are of sound mind. A concerned user tweeted, “no sleep and no access to bathroom is textbook cult control and manipulation,” while another wrote “yall.. if ur meditation retreat has a “wheelchair miracle,” it’s a cult. there’s been like 8 cults in the past 15 years internationally that use this trope. i’m sry but that man walked into the building before y’all got there.”

However, Phan replied to her followers’ apprehension saying, “I’m not involved in any cult whatsoever (besides worshipping my cat lol) These rumors about me are ridiculously untrue.”

Despite all the speculation, the truth is that most of her fans don’t seem to be surprised by her supernatural revelation as it's not the first time that the beauty influencer has turned to the divine for explanation.

“Lol I followed her long enough ago to not be surprised by this. She claimed christianity cured her sick rabbit back in the day then when he died went radio silent about him,” a fan tweeted.

"I had to stop following her on insta after all the bitcoin stuff,” another one wrote, remembering how Phan had suddenly turned into a bitcoin evangelist in 2019, after she came back from a mysterious four year disappearance. Perhaps the beauty of miracles is in the eye of the beholder.

Photo via Getty/ Dave Kotinsky