This Swedish Designer Turns Oysters Into Jewelry

This Swedish Designer Turns Oysters Into Jewelry

There may not be a ton of evidence to prove that oysters are an aphrodisiac, but thanks to Swedish jewelry designer, Mia Larsson, and her latest collaboration, the salt-water mollusks have never been sexier. Making a series of one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces from oyster shells for & Other Stories, the designer is reimagining ways to make products that are equally stylish and sustainable.

While a seafood feast could leave you feeling fabulous (and frisky), the leftover shells have also proven to be a uniquely beautiful and durable material to create all kinds of accessories. "I think, like fine jewelry, oyster shell jewelry is a wardrobe treasure to value," Stockholm-based Larsson says. "It feels special to put them on, like a gem, and each one is unique."

The limited collection, which drops May 21, features seven pieces (rings, earrings, a hairclip, a necklace) all constructed from decomposable sea material. Larsson says she sourced her first batch of oyster shells from a seafood restaurant in Stockholm, and took them to her atelier to wash them off. Using recycled silver, the innovative designer handcrafted the shells to create recyclable, environmentally friendly accessories.

Anna Nyrén, the head of Co-labs & Other Stories, ultimately took to the idea saying that, "being able to see where the actual product comes from and that the material is sustainably sourced and handled with great care really speaks to [her] heart."

But the inspiration didn't end there: & Other Stories also created a complementary ready-to-wear collection inspired by the treasures of the sea. With organic cotton tops, jumpsuits and an embroidered, recycled polyester mesh dress, you can get the whole look without diving too deep in your pockets.

The Mia Larsson co-lab collection will be available on Tuesday, May 21 through and exclusively in the US at the Soho New York store. Follow the Swedish designer on Instagram (@mia_larsson_jewelry).

Photos courtesy of & Other Stories