#MeToo Founder Tarana Burke Is Writing a Memoir

#MeToo Founder Tarana Burke Is Writing a Memoir

In today's Black Excellence Report, the Associated Press reports that Tarana Burke, founder of the decades-old #MeToo movement and all-around badass, is writing a memoir for Simon & Schuster's 37 Ink imprint.

The book, Where The Light Enters is scheduled for release early 2019 and will reportedly recount Burke's "ordinary, extraordinary journey from victim to survivor to thriver." Furthermore, the book is being co-written with award-winning memoirist, journalist and poet Asha Bandele. Yes!

In a statement further detailing the project, Burke said that her aim is to "help readers understand the often historical connections of the role sexual violence plays in communities of color, specially black communities, even today."

Burke's hope is that the memoir will help a broad spectrum of sexual abuse survivors heal in a way that helps them understand that the "me too movement is more about triumph than trauma and that our wounds, though they may never fully heal, can also be the key to our survival."

In conclusion, yes and a thousand times amen to every single part of this.

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