Spice Girls' Mel C Cancels Show Over Poland's Anti-LGBTQ+ Stance

Spice Girls' Mel C Cancels Show Over Poland's Anti-LGBTQ+ Stance

Mel C appears to be standing in solidarity with Poland's LGBTQ+ community.

On Monday, December 26, the sportiest of the Spice Girls announced on Twitter that she would be canceling her appearance on Telewizja Polskawhen's New Year’s Eve Dreams with Dwójka program, citing the support of ideologies that "do not align with the communities I support."

“In light of some issues that have been brought to my attention, that do not align with the communities I support, I’m afraid I will no longer be able to perform in Poland as planned on New Year’s Eve,” Mel wrote before wishing her fans a happy holiday.

She concluded, "I hope to be back there very soon. Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for 2023."

Despite not getting into specifics, Sporty Spice was seemingly alluding to Poland's anti-LGBTQ+ political efforts, which include the suppression of same-sex marriages and civil unions, legislation preventing them from legally adopting children and the existence of “LGBT Ideology Free Zones," which Polish legislators call an attempt to protect "traditional family values" by stymying the LGBTQ+ community's "undermining the concept of a family model.”

That said, Mel's last minute cancelation makes sense, seeing as how Telewizja Polskawhen is a state-owned entity that has been previously dubbed an "instrument of government propaganda." Not only that, but the pop legend has also been a longtime supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and has even been recognized as a celebrity ally at the 2021 British LGBT Awards.

On the heels of the announcement, The Guardian reported that the broadcasting network — which claimed the show was a completely apolitical affair — issued a statement to Polish media, saying that Mel C "unexpectedly resigned from the performance" due to "the pressure of online comments."

“The company was surprised to hear about the artist’s change of plans," Telewizja Polskawhen said. "TVP reminds that New Year’s Eve is a concert for everyone who wants to welcome the new year with good fun.”

See Mel's cancelation announcement for yourself below.

Photo via Getty / Kirsty O'Connor / Pool