Meghan Markle Celebrates Archie's First Birthday With a Story

Meghan Markle Celebrates Archie's First Birthday With a Story

Time must fly by when you're in quarantine, because it's already Archie Mountbatten-Windsor's first birthday! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, welcomed Archie into the world a year ago today with all of the United Kingdom waiting patiently for a glimpse at the new member of the royal family. Now, Markle is celebrating Archie's big day by reading him the cutest story known to man, Duck! Rabbit!

Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld, Duck! Rabbit! tells the charming story of the rabbit-duck illusion, keeping its youngest readers guessing as to which animal is in the pictures. The video, filmed by a snickering Prince Harry, of Markle reading the book to Archie was posted to the charitable organization Save the Children UK's Instagram page this morning for their "Save with Stories" campaign. In the caption, Save the Children UK thanks Markle for the clip and for her work in helping raise funds for their urgent work relating to coronavirus relief around the world.

Judging by the nearly three-minutes long clip, Duck! Rabbit! may not be Archie's favorite storybook — he seems more enthralled with the activity of throwing his books onto the ground — but he did seem to enjoy some of the pictures. It is clear from the audio off-camera, however, that Prince Harry enjoyed watching Markle attempt to direct Archie's infant focus onto the book. He lets out the odd chuckle while his wife tries to assure their son that they would move onto the other book he was waving around in the air after they had finished Duck! Rabbit!

The video is adorable regardless of how thoroughly Archie might be able to recall Duck! Rabbit! and it appears that all is well for the members of the royal family during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. To learn more and donate to Save the Children UK's fund for families hit hardest by the global crisis, visit their website by clicking here and watch the full Save with Stories episode below via IGTV.

Photo via Instagram