Megan Fox Asked MGK If He Was Breastfed As a Baby

Megan Fox Asked MGK If He Was Breastfed As a Baby

by Justine Fisher

She's a 10, but she needs to know if you were breastfed as a child. For Machine Gun Kelly, she’s an 11.

Self-described "weirdo" Megan Fox told E! News that one of the first questions she asked fiancé MGK was, "Were you breastfed by your mother?" On the red-carpet for MGK’s Hulu documentary Life in Pink, she defended the question, saying it tells her a lot about a partner's "psychology" and "temperament."

Fox added that she asked him questions to "go deep right away." She said, "If you know me, and I know you, it’s impossible for me not to know everything about you." For the "twin flames" that have been engaged since January, Fox’s latest reveal is far from the most shocking detail they’ve shared about their relationship.

In Life in Pink, which debuted June 27, MGK revealed that he almost shot himself while on the phone with Fox, following the death of his father in 2020. The two are also known to drink each other’s blood on occasion, and MGK wears a necklace containing a drop of Fox’s blood.

Of course, Fox and MGK’s notorious TMI moments never come without reaction from the internet. And at this point, nothing they say or do can surprise us.

As each insane quote from Fox and MGK tops the last, we can only imagine what chaos will come from the wedding.

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